St Andrew's Church
St Andrew's Church
St Andrew's Church

"To find Wickmere is something of a challenge. The nearer one gets, not only do the signposts become disconcertingly vague as to its whereabouts, but its splendidly named Regent Street nestles in a fold of the land".
As with other parishes, both the village and the church have had a long connection with an estate. The Walpole family have worshipped and cared for this church for many years. There are memorials in the church both of the finest kind and of simplicity for those lost in early life. A restoration carried out before World War II, with excellent oak pews and much else, enables the church to continue being a place where things feel right.
The parish church, with its round tower, looks out in all directions. On a fine day the view of the surrounding countryside fills a person with hope - and, on a windy winter's day, it feels very desolate. Whatever the weather, the church has an assured look to it without loosing its sense of holy welcome. To be at our prayers facing out into the sky through the great plain East window is an unforgettable experience.
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